In my free time I am not sitting in front of a computer screen the whole time, of course: My biggest hobby is playing music. Other hobbies include riding my Motorbike and doing other things as listed below.


My biggest hobby is playing or making music, as already suggested above. So I collected more information on a subpage called Music.


Before I moved to Hanover I was a member of Rowing Club Stadthagen e.V. (e.v. means registered association). I was also attending Tanzschule Wendthagen and now switched to a dancing school in Hanover. There are also tracks where I ride my bike.


Beside riding a bicycle I also own a motorized bike: A Triumph Bonneville T100. In 2007 I discovered this 60s style motorbike at a vendor in Hamelin. I was attracted to it immediatly and convinced to buy it some day after having a test ride. In 2010 I decided to fulfill this dream when I bought a used model from England. I still own it today and am very happy with my decision.

Marksman festival Stadthagen

Even though I could fill a whole page of information about the marksman festival in Stadthagen, I will just provide some (german) links for now: