Family tree and family research

Marwell Family Research, 1872x240, 124c

Those who are interested can see the public part of my family tree on Only deceased persons will be visible, and only if they are born at least 60 years ago and died at least 10 years ago. If you are a family member, you may see the rest of the family tree, including living individuals. If so, please contact me.

Other family pages on the internet

Despite I am probably hosting the most complete Marwell family tree on the internet, there are also other Marwells hosting personal and/or corporate pages. I’d like to showcase some of them on this page.

Florian Marwell

Florian Marwell has got a blog, too, and his main internet site. His blog’s name is Flo’s Great Cooking Desaster” meets IT ( where he publishes cooking recipes and IT articles in irregular intervals. His private main site shows some outdated information on his own family, fun stuff, older recipes and links. It hasn’t been updated for some years.

Frank Marwell

Frank owns a t-shirt  printing shop located in Seelze, Hannover ( You can order tees, cups etc. on his page if you live in Germany, but he doesn’t provide any private information on his site.