Besides my family name Marwell, there are several other usages of the word or brand »Marwell«. I tried to collect a reasonable amount of them to create a showcase here. Some usages are curiosities, as the [brand] name originates in a very creative composition of two former company names or so.

Marwell companies and orgs

Marwell Wildlife – a well-known zoo

There is a well-known zoo in Hampshire, England. It is founded near the estate Marwell Hall, which once was owned by a certain Sir Henry Seymour of Marwell.

Marwell guitares

There are even Marwellnamed guitars. A german brand. I still have no idea where their name originates, but it is probably some misspelling of marvelous. Those guitars seem to be suitable for beginners only.

As an email from an employee suggested, the name was chosen to sound well and similar to existing brands, like Martin or Marshall. So this name was constructed without any link to the family name Marwell.

Marwell AG, wellness products, Switzerland

The company Marwell AG was created by the Martima AG, which sold hair cosmetics. When they expanded to wellness products, they where looking for a new name. Thus, Marwell is a constructed word from Martima and wellness.

Other persons

Some other people do carry the name Marwell, despite they have no relationship to our family. Some of them are listed here.

DJ Marwell

DJ Marwell, he’s got a Homepage at Blogspot, a MySpace page. This guy is hungarian.

Marwell music

Rap & Hiphop. The name of  Marwell-Musik was created by using the first three letters of his favourite Marvel-Comics and the english word »well«.