On this page I would like to introduce some specific Persons of the Marwell Family, which are direct or indirect relatives to me.

Selected stories of Marwell Persons

Earliest Marwell

This would be the Family Wilhelm Marwell with Charlotte, born Niemann. They lived between 1736 and 1813. Their Origin is not known to me at this point.

Marwells with the Surname Marwedel

The church records of Dörverden (Landkreis Verden) the local pastor introduced the Surname Marwedel at about 1820 to 1860. There may be multiple reasons for this alternate version. For once, Marwedel might be the »original« version of my last name, or it might be a spelling mistake. Most citizens weren‘t able to write and spell their name properly. So the pastor might just have taken down what he understood.

The Church Records Dörverden are available on tulifurdon.de. Also, they are available in my family tree individual of Johann Christian Marwell (Marwedel). Just click on  »Sources« or »Multimedia« to download those.

Grocery store Lina Marwell

Is there anyone who didn’t know the Grocery store of Lina Marwell? I doubt it. It was located at the corner of the streets »Krumme Straße«/»Echternstraße« (Adress »Krumme Straße 5«). Today, there is located a danish chimney store called »Morsø«.

I am grateful for any additional information about Lina Marwell. I‘d also love to see more photos.

Alfred „Assi“ Möller

The legend of the Stadthagen Schützenfest (marksmen‘s festival) Alfred »Assi« Möller was married  to Erika, born Marwell. He was the iconic person of the Stadthagen marksmen‘s festival.

Other important personons Marwell

Heinrich Wilhelm-Karl Marwell

Heinrich Wilhelm-Karl Marwell
geb. 28.12.1914
Roofer and switchyard worker during WWII.

Friederike Wilhelmine Meyer, married Marwell

Friederike Wilhelmine Meyer, verh. Marwell
married 1837 to Anton Ludwig Marwell.
Doughter-in-law to the oldest known Marwell.

Conrad Ludwig Schöttelndreyer

Conrad Ludwig Schöttelndreyer
born before 1800, died after 1820.
Father-in-law of the Friedrich Christian Marwell, who is the father of the civil engineer Friedrich Christian Marwell.
Other possible spelling: Conrad Ludwig Schöttelndreier.

Karl Wilhelm Johann Marwell

Karl Wilhelm Johann Marwell
born 09. Oktober 1886, died 14. Februar 1954.
At his time brickyyard worker.

Familie Friedrich Gottlieb Karl „Fritz“ Marwell mit Hildegard Helene Maring

Familie Friedrich Gottlieb Karl „Fritz“ Marwell mit Hildegard Helene Maring
Fritz Marwell born 22.01.1913, killed in action 17.02.1945. They say on a retreat his own panzer (tank) rolled over him.
Married „im Feldurlaub“, which means on vacation while in active service.
Fritz Marwell was active supporter of german military actions, and they say he had his varicose veins removed to be available for service. His wife was remarried after his death (KIA).


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