Music is my biggest, i.e. most time consuming hobby. I usually play the trombone, but if required I can of course play the euphonium, tenor horn and tuba as well. There are also multiple bands I currently play in.

Current bands

My favourite orchestra is the Modern Sound[s] Orchestra from Seelze, the probably most advanced amateur wind band in the region of Hanover.

Besides I do play trombone and tuba in the brass choire Kirchrode conducted by Uwe Rehling. Before I moved to Hanover I played in the trombone choire Stadthagen tuba and trombone (sometimes alto trombone).

The sinfonic wind orchestra Schaumburg is the former students orchestra of the Ratsband Stadthagen (school band). It was founded by the Ratsband’s founder and conductor Johann Zornek and former students who played in the Ratsband. The current conductor is Stephan Winkelhake  and plays at a very high level.

Former bands

From the brass / trombone choire of Stadthagen the St. Martini-Brass Band Stadthagen was founded, named after the local chuch. This british-style brass band plays sinfonic, concert, traditional and modern music styles. Brass bands do have a very homophone sound by their all-brass-nature.

The other former band I played in is the Reservist’s military band of Lower Saxony (currently no web site). It is a band where former German federal forces soldiers and conscripts are the performers. The current conductor is also conductor of a german military band of the federal forces. Main performance occasions are performance on reservist and civil events, as active military bands are being reduced and reservists in Germany play now a bigger part.