Web pages

Bens IT-Kommentare

My Blog with the most unspectacular name »Bens IT-Comments« which I started near the end of my bachelor degree. The former goal to  take down notes of things I accomplished (in IT) and to comment the news pages the blog had some thousands visitors a day for a time. I was kind of a success for a few years. The most read articles are categorized as Linux-How Tos – where I tried to put down my thoughts as a useful how to for others to read.

St. Martini-Brass Band Stadthagen

The St. Martini-Brass Band has got a web page I initially set up. This was the first time I used the CMS contao.

Symphonic wind band Schamburg, Germany

The symphonic wind band Schaumburg [german: Sinfonisches Blasorchester (SBO)] has a webpage I created as well. It’s one of those many wordpress sites.



A client library for solving captchas using the web service from 9kw.eu. Since the original API is mostly bad documented, not very clear and ambigous, which made me not continuing the development.


A reimplementation of sig2dot using Python. Sig2dot had some issues with mixing command line arguments, when I tried to to visualize the web of trust. As I lost interested in this project, the development has stalled, too.

Webtrees Plugins

My webtrees plugins do have a dedicated page. Webtrees is a genealogie software, which enables you to track and visualize your family trees.


There is a current Idea which I’d like to put up. As soon as I have more information, I’ll put them here.


I do own a small minecraft server which runs on my VDSL line. Despite the facts it wouldn’t, it runs just fine on a Core 2 Duo with 4 GiB of RAM.