Web pages

Bens IT-Kommentare

My Blog with the most unspectacular name »Bens IT-Comments« which I started near the end of my bachelor degree. The former goal to  take down notes of things I accomplished (in IT) and to comment the news pages the blog had some thousands visitors a day for a time. I was kind of a success for a few years. The most read articles are categorized as Linux-How Tos – where I tried to put down my thoughts as a useful how to for others to read.

St. Martini-Brass Band Stadthagen

The St. Martini-Brass Band has got a web page I initially set up. This was the first time I used the CMS contao.

Symphonic wind band Schamburg, Germany

The symphonic wind band Schaumburg [german: Sinfonisches Blasorchester (SBO)] has a webpage I created as well. It’s one of those many wordpress sites.



A client library for solving captchas using the web service from Since the original API is mostly bad documented, not very clear and ambigous, which made me not continuing the development.


A reimplementation of sig2dot using Python. Sig2dot had some issues with mixing command line arguments, when I tried to to visualize the web of trust. As I lost interested in this project, the development has stalled, too.

Webtrees Plugins

My webtrees plugins do have a dedicated page. Webtrees is a genealogie software, which enables you to track and visualize your family trees.


There is a current Idea which I’d like to put up. As soon as I have more information, I’ll put them here.


I do own a small minecraft server which runs on my VDSL line. Despite the facts it wouldn’t, it runs just fine on a Core 2 Duo with 4 GiB of RAM.