On this page you can find Webtrees plugins which I developed or might develop in the near future. Also I’d like to share my commits on the webtrees project.

webtrees-jsonld (linked data, schema.org)

The Project webtrees-jsonld creates machine-readable, linked data by implementing json-ld. JSON is short for »JavaScript Object Notation«, and LD means »Linked Data«. With this standard data (genealogy-data in this case) can easily be  read by machines and bots. As a default vocabulary or context for Json-LD I am going to use schema.org/Person, as this is being recognized by Google already and is therefore most promising of being widely adopted soon. Besides Google there are of course other bots and search engines which can parse this data more easily than ever before.

Genealogy works by aquiring data, which can easily accomplished in today’s modern linked world. Linked Data and JSON-LD support this process, so that family research will become easier.



Find the most current version on github: https://github.com/bmhm/webtrees-jsonld/releases.

Tests and validation

You can find out if it works by visiting the google webmaster tools or executing this shell command:

curl -so "http://url.zu/webtrees/individual.php?pid=I1 | \
 xmllint --html --xpath "//script[@type='application/ld+json']/text() - 2>/dev/null | \
 jq -C '.'

Missing Tombstone Images

Tombstones (and as well headstones and gravestones) are an essential ressource for genealogy. They provide us with valuable data, such as the year of birth and death, the wife‘s maiden name or the name of the husband or wife. Headstones are also an essential part of our culture and history.

Headstones are usually removed within 30 years after the grave has been created. This plugin helps you to keep track of the persons who deceased not more than 30 years ago and do not have a mediaType=tombstone image attached.



Find the most current version on Github: https://github.com/bmhm/webtrees-missingtombstones.